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Marketing Generator

You generate the qr code, publish it, and change the content whenever you want.

Assisted Projects

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STATIC generator

with + options .. and Transparent Qr

  • New functions
  • Encrypted QR code with password
  • Sale of cars - motorcycles - speedboats etc
  • Company data
  • Insurance, insured data
  • Lost pets
  • Mercado Libre, ebay or other publications
  • WIFI automatic connection - Android
  • Geo guides
  • S.O.S motorcycle helmet - bicycle - sports
  • Lost people
  • Digital qr code reader
  • Webcam qr code reader

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QR readers

Important note: If you have installed on your android smartphone; the Google Lens app, you don´t need another to scan QR.

Scan a QR code with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch
Open the device´s camera application.
Focus on the QR code: you will see that the content of the code appears on a small card (upper area of ​​the screen).
Click on that card and iOS will open the content hidden in the QR.
Android Readers
QR Droid    Link Google play
QR by Gamma    Link Google play
Tea Caps    Link Google play
Barcode Scanner    Link Google play

Lost pets


Sales data



Geo Guide

LIVE (Marketing) generator
with Self-management

An advanced generator where the QR works with different scripts that are found on our servers and point to the account holder´s folder where he changes the visual content whenever he wants, called AUTO - MANAGEMENT.

  • Marketing campaigns with QR code.
  • You can display product images.
  • an institutional video.
  • other products in the line.
  • services you provide
  • PDF with controls
  • instructions for use
  • Your resume | BU |
  • Multi Link | BU |
  • Several Api´s to choice
  • and we will keep adding ...

Bars - Restaurants

Different options for a menu with qr


  • It is a qr code generator in 2 modes. static with new functions such as encrypted qr code, sale of cars - motorcycles - boats etc, lost pets, +++, and those already known; WIFI automatic setting; automatic upload of a contact to the smartphone; loading a destination for google maps; collection by PayPal, whatsapp, etc.
    LIVE (Marketing of product or service) which is an advanced generator where the QR works with different Api´s that are on our servers and point to the folder of the account holder where it is; change the visual content when you want. Called Self - Management.
    ASSISTED modality similar to the previous one but we take care of the project in its entirety, photographs; filming; special code and maintenance.

  • welcome to QRLIVE.NET

    Argentine company based in the province of Mendoza that manufactures and distributes nameplates for pets; to which we have prepared an Api qr for this purpose, with a photo;data of the pet and owner + buttons to send WhatsApp or direct phone call, social networks.


    welcome to QRLIVE.NET

    Kalma Resto (signature cuisine) at the end of the world. It is a space where the kitchen expresses the richness of our land and the love for our profession. Governor Valdez 293 CP V9410IEA, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentine Patagonia.

    Kalma Resto

    Featured product QRLIVE.NET

    Minimum 3 months.
    Price and image change control panel.
    Bars, pizzas, burgers, restaurants.
    More details on the Page Restó.

    Page Resto

    A qr for every need. QRLIVE.NET

    Semiannual subscription
    7-day trial
    Pay after 30 days
    Personalized attention
    Support x whatsapp

    in a qr code ...
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    Live Generator



    We are a working group that combines experiences (50/65 years of age) and creative drive (30/45 years) with the aim of providing a low-cost and highly versatile marketing solution in the new digital age.

    We believe that QR codes are a vital tool in the era of smartphones
    because without typing a single key, they lead us to the information of our interest
    We believe in the need for information speed
    > because with a live qr code you can have the information updated instantly; entering the system and replacing said information, always with the same published qr code.
    Our mission
    Continue creating cloud applications that simplify daily living.