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Api 1

  • qrlive.net

    We recommend putting images of the same type and size no greater than 450px wide , to achieve a quick load on smartphones.

    07 Nov 2017 @ 1:25 pm Dr.QR
  • qrlive.net

    for the combination of colors a light background and the code drawing is recommended as dark as possible. Look at the top of the application LIVE that will inform us if it is readable or not.

    07 Nov 2017 @ 1:30 pm Dr.QR
  • qrlive.net

    Important note: Once scanned; It remains in the code registry of the scanning system and the user can see the content again with a click. (Enter the app´s scan history)

    07 Nov 2017 @ 1:35 pm Dr.QR
  • qrlive.net

    Important note: If you have installed on your android smartphone; the Google Lens application, you do not need another to scan QR.

    11 Nov 2019 @ 1:35 pm Dr.QR

Api 15 Curriculum Vitae

August 2020

Free for 6 months

currículum en un código qr

Vertical Offset


The code loads descriptive photographs or images (jpg, png), promotion or way of using a product or service ..

It has self-management: SI

Assistance x mail: SI

[ Optional ] scan tracking
This is how the scan statistics for each qr code are displayed.
  • qrlive.net

Image preparation

QRLIVE.NET - API1 To prepare the graphic files of our code we must apply certain criteria at the time of making them:

The first is to read Dr.QR´s comments in the upper left of this page.

The procedure for naming the files and the code works correctly, is as follows:
Before the name and extension we must indicate to the system the order of how they should be shown Ex: 01-nombre.ext for the first image; 02-nombre.ext for the second and so on for the rest
In principle there is no limitation on the number of images, but keep in mind that loading takes time and the person who scans may not have as much patience .

Important Dr. QRDirector

Before uploading the images to your folder so that the qr code is active you must reduce their size with a compressor program or online.Example: optimizilla.com


Please read the procedure carefully
with the subscription you will receive an email with the link to the file manager, your account and password
Don´t delete that email
Generate QR
>>> [qr generator]
In the Link tab type as indicated below, generate qr and download it
https://qrlive.net/scr/01/index.php?a=(Your account)
Upload files
Go to the file manager; log in with your account and password
Upload images (jpg, png) (see Dr.QR´s comments on 11/7/17 1:25 AM)
scan the code to verify.

Importante Dr. QRDirector

As the APi 1-2 and 16 load images, they can all be used up to the capacity of the space allocated. (with a single subscription)


With a minimal half-yearly investment , you will have a marketing tool tied directly to smartphones; that you can place on the packaging, publications, flyers, web ads, software, etc.

  • Api 1 / Api 2


    Horizontal Api 2/ vertical sequential images Api 1
    ---> payment for 6 months of use <---

    [ U$S 9.- ]Arg.[ $890.- ]
    Opcional: estadística de escaneado
    U$s 2.-
Example for packaging - Other products in a line.
  • qrlive.net
  • qrlive.net
Example for a real estate; that shows the property by scanning the QR code printed on the sales poster .
  • qrlive.net
  • qrlive.net
  • qrlive.net
  • The value of subscription x 6 months of applications with Auto Gestión is
    [ U$S 9.- ]

  • or its equivalent in the local currency of your country.
  • ARGENTINA [ $890.- ].
  • Mercado PagoPagar
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