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Marketing Generator

You generate the qr code, publish it, and change the content whenever you want.

Assisted Projects

Tell us about your project and we will assist you at all times!

Live account subscription

[ U$S 9.- ]
Semiannual Auto Management


Subscription x 6 months of the QR code generator system with Auto content management.

Send Send an email to: mail to:mail@qrlive.net

Or by the new contact panel; indicating: Name and Surname, e-mail, Api selected, content purpose.

You can also request it by scanning the following qr: When scanning the code, you must have the WhatsApp open because the code loads our reception number and prepares what you must fill before sending.

A LIVE or VIVO subscription gives you the right to use x 6 months of the advanced generator where the QR code works with different scripts that are found on our servers and point to the folder of the account holder where he changes the content when he wishes .. without modifying the published code . The system provides you with a variety of code types and statistics of the same scans .

You can also consult for special assisted projects where our specialists will be in charge of advising you with the best options according to your product or service.

  • Emilio Donati   Enero 7, 2018

    Muchas gracias, he tenido solo elogios con el menú en los platos de mi restaurant "Laurence"

  • Andrew   Enero 15, 2019

    very grateful to you for such kind attention

  • Coen Jacobs   June 2, 2019

    It's good thanks