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Youtube | youtube qr

A single song & nbsp; & nbsp; One & nbsp; | & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The BeeGees Channel language


E-mail | Mail qr

Qr that when scanning it will send an email to your company with the requested data.

Location | maps qr

When scanning the qr code; Google maps guides you to the right place ..



WhatsApp | whatsapp

can get orders through qr code

Skype | skype qr

Automatic connection on scan

Zoom | zoom

automatically connect to zoom meeting

WI-FI | youtube qr

Automatic connection on scan


Event | eventos qr

Distribute the qr code and whoever scans it will be able to save the event data and notice of it in their agenda. Event promotion


Email address to receive payments
% | paypal qr

Qr for international charges .. in your PayPal account


1 BTC = 49294.5 USD
1 USD = 0.00002 BTC
Last update: April 23 2021
Spot price from Coinbase

Encrypted info | encripted

The encryption of information in a qr; It is a safe method to pass confidential data.
Send the password in another way so that they can decrypt the info in the tab of the same name.

sale | Car

qr contains details of the sale and its contact


name of the insurance company
policy holder
owner´s email
Holder´s phone | poliza de seguro

In the event of a claim, submit the qr of your insurance policy.

Emergency medical assistance | Emergency

qr for first aid care, is placed on the helmet of motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, etc.

Alzheimer | Alzheimer

the solution for those people who lose their sense of direction. (Alzheimer´s)

Pet´s | pets

the solution for lost pets

Company | Company qr

Qr with company data

Pdf | pdf qr

In order to have a PDF linked to your qr code, you need a quarterly or semi-annual subscription.
Upload the PDF; create the qr and voila. For more information use THIS LINK

Images | Secuencial images qr

Ideal service for PACKAGING where you can show other products of a line, other services that you provide along with your data. We provide Marketing and Design Assistance. Upload the images; create the qr and voila. In order to have a sequence of images linked to your qr code, you need a quarterly or semi-annual subscription.
For more information use THIS LINK

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